Fintrex commenced operating in 1986, which operating entity developed into specialising in indoor and outdoor synthetic sports surfaces.

Previously, Fintrex represented leading licensed manufacturers of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, for Boeing, MD and Airbus, and has successfully pioneered many new products into the African Markets.

Fintrex entered the synthetic sports surfaces market some 30 years ago and have become a major leader in standards, quality and expertise in southern Africa. Apart from worldwide recognition, Fintrex has retained its original identity as Specialists in Synthetic Sports Surfaces.

The company pioneered sand-filled and sand-dressed hockey fields, cricket academies, multi-purpose sports halls, specialised outdoor facilities, and a unique system of athletic tracks, all of which have been installed at some of the highest profile venues in Africa. The design and construct concept has subsequently been extended to athletic tracks and other sporting venues.

Fintrex prides itself in having extended in souther Africa with indoor and outdoor installations in other countries such as Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia, Angola, Botswana and Tanzania.

Fintrex has its own factory-trained, local team, able and competent to install, repair and undertake maintenance for all sports surfaces.

The representations held by Fintrex are all of a similar high standard and quality, aligned to sporting facilities and venues.

Specialised Sports Surfaces Since 1986